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What we do

We develop managers and organisations


Leadership is a craft that can be mastered, and effective leadership development is a combination of training, theory and self-reflection. Based on your specific situation and your specific needs, we translate the challenges or opportunities you have identified into specific activities and processes that will give results.

For many years, we have delivered targeted and tailored development to our customers, which has helped close the gap between what managers want and what the organisation can do – both in the private and public sector.

Our approach, rooted in business psychology, enables us to create the very concrete behavioural changes that form the basis of better results, greater well-being and a more sustainable working life.

Developing leaders, from talent to the top

Whether you need help to develop specific areas of the organisation’s leadership team or to reinforce certain leadership skills, a collaboration with us will give you access to services that ensure effective development of the management, team and/or the organisation as a whole.

Management of well-being and sustainable results

We equip you and your organisation to develop and anchor sustainable leadership within the organisation and solve the core task. We offer activities aimed at the prevention and management of stress and conflicts, as well as other organisational challenges that get in the way of sustainable results and effective realisation of the strategic ambition.

Team development

The best results are created when the whole team complements each other and performs as a whole. Team development with Summit Consulting creates strong and effective leadership teams, where skills, values and division of responsibilities match the organisation’s strategy.


Coaching is a personal and focused professional conversation that enables you to realise your potential, focus your leadership and enhance your performance. This means that the coaching process helps and inspires you to reflect on your own experiences as a point of departure for exploring opportunities for action in relation to problems and challenges in your working life.

Organisational development that delivers results

A collaboration with Summit Consulting on professional organisational development in your organisation is your guarantee of effective development in the daily life of the management, team and the organisation as a whole.