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Management of well-being and sustainable results


Experience and research show that when you create a breeding ground for well-being, motivation and commitment, greater organisational stability follows, along with improved creativity, productivity and quality in terms of the task solution. Leadership is absolutely crucial in this context. A manager is the one who can ensure a balance between requirements and resources in complex situations affected by both organisational requirements and expectations, the individual employee’s ambitions and skills, and by co-operation and possible conflicts.

Examples of activities

We offer activities aimed at the prevention and management of stress and conflicts, as well as other organisational challenges that get in the way of sustainable results and effective realisation of the strategic ambition.
These activities can be integrated with other leadership development activities or implemented as one-off activities, e.g.:

  • The active role of top management in placing “strategic health” on the management agenda
  • The role of top management as culture bearers for “sustainability” with regard to ensuring business-critical recruitment and retention of both managerial and specialist talents
  • Professional discussions about the design of leadership foundations and policies that link business and “strategic health”, including the selection of relevant measurement parameters
  • Sustainable and stress-preventive leadership in practice
  • Ensuring performance, well-being and talent retention
  • Mediation of current conflicts or reinforcing managers’ ability to handle conflicts
  • Communications training in relation to employee needs and motivation

We have done it in real life

We equip you and your organisation to develop and anchor sustainable leadership within the organisation. We offer tailor-made services with a focus on a high level of expertise, value creation and usability.