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Team development

Team development is as much about becoming aware of one’s own strengths as it is about understanding how the ball is best played around the team. Among other things, our team development is based on all team members getting to know each other and benefitting from each other’s skills and strengths.

A lot of teams have to navigate complex organisations and do so with complicated tasks. The team’s tasks – and challenges – can vary over time, team members are replaced, and the team must also pay ongoing attention to their own team culture and form of co-operation. A well-functioning team is crucial to the results, and to the employees’ commitment and motivation to work together towards common goals. It is about getting the group to collaborate and commit to the business goals that are crucial to achieving a good and lasting result.

Team development with Summit Consulting creates strong and effective management teams, where skills, values and division of responsibilities match the organisation’s strategy.

What a team development course entails

At Summit Consulting, we adapt the team development process to the needs of the organisation and the team’s situation, and we typically utilise the following elements:

  • A series of intensive workshops with plenary processes
  • Mutual organisational feedback
  • Individual tasks for the individual team members
  • Individual coaching sessions for all team members

We have done it in real life

Summit Consulting works with team development for executive boards and management teams based on the High-Performance Mindset – the best results are created when the entire team complements each other and performs as a whole.

“We worked with Summit Consulting on a course with the goal of regaining the team spirit and the desire and energy to set goals and define actions for the future. They really did away with any scepticism you might have as a participant about the outcome of seminars with external consultants. The consultants established a space where we could create a mutual openness between the 4 of us at Inzights, so that we could all talk openly about both collaborative challenges and business priorities.”

Peter Scmeltzer
Partner at Inzights A/S