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Lone Thornberg

Managing director
Master of Arts (Psychology)

  Phone: +45 30 62 79 02
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Lone holds a Master of Arts in Psychology as well as a Master in Organisational Psychology. Lone's background entails coaching, organisational psychology and clinical psychology. Furthermore, Lone has worked as a leader in public organisations for a couple of years.

Lone’s primary professional focus lies within

Structured leadership development courses for specific groups
Specific leadership development courses based on relevant challenges
Coaching on how to optimise personal potential in relation to the organisation
Mediator at complicated work relations


As a consultant, Lone has experience with helping management teams develop toward a greater common dedication and effort. Lone has extensive experience in coaching professionals and leaders on optimising their performance by unlocking their potential. For several years, Lone worked in public services, and during this time she succeeded in creating great job satisfaction among her team as well as creating a comprehensive understanding and perspective in relation to the organisation.

Why Summit Consulting?

"To me, Summit represents high quality combined with 'common sense' – and that is what it takes to make our work related to the 'real life'. It is important to me that what we deliver as consultants can be of use to our customers and that we help develop the best possible based on the reality. In Summit, I like the challenges where I can work with leadership development that starts from the organisation's and the individual's needs, and Summit works with methods that, from experience, prove to be sustainable – also in the longer term."