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Mads Bendixen

Senior Consultant
Master of Arts (Psychology)

  Phone: +45 27 64 39 54
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Mads holds a Master of Arts in psychology from University of Copenhagen, he is a registered psychologist by The Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice, and he holds a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark. As a consultant, Mads has worked with leadership and work environment for many years, including almost 4 years as Head of department. Leadership development, innovation and stress have been 3 key areas of interest in Mads’ work.

Mads’ primary professional focus lies within

Leadership development for individuals, groups and organisations
Innovation psychology and management
Well-being, stress and mental work environment
Design of workplace and behaviour, including nudging
Coaching, supervision and process facilitation
Business-psychological investigations, measurements and tests


Mads has worked as a consultant in countless types of companies with improving the managers’ and the employees’ opportunities to achieve optimal performance. As a speaker, coach, conflict mediator, teacher and team developer, Mads has supported the companies’ efforts to turn difficult challenges into learning and improvement. Mads always seeks to achieve a confidential and intensive collaboration with the customer, which makes it possible to address what may not be the most obvious or easiest but what is necessary and makes the positive change accelerate. This is the case whether it is about the manager’s personal development, developing a better collaboration or the management team’s desire for organisational change.

Why Summit Consulting?

"I’m with Summit because it is a consultancy where strong human values go hand in hand with great ambitions. At the same time, it is a company that places great emphasis on balancing a profound business-psychological professionalism with a clear focus on what actually works for the individual customer. I believe that this combination is the way to long-lasting results in the projects we work on."