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Steffen Tange

Master of Arts (Psychology)

  Phone: +45 26 73 66 76
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Steffen is a psychologist with a speciality in organisational and industrial psychology. Furthermore, he has a diploma degree as a group analyst. He has worked as a consultant and sparring partner for more than 20 years in both private and public companies and has extensive experience within business-oriented leadership development, development of new and experienced teams as well as handling organisational change and cooperation processes. Steffen also has great international experience with more than 10 years of working with training and development programmes in communication, management and cooperation.

Steffen’s primary professional focus lies within

Leadership development and coaching on all levels
Customised leadership development programmes
Cooperation and team development for both new and experienced teams
Conflict management, process consultancy and action learning
Organisational and strategic change processes
International courses in communication, leadership and cooperation


For a number of years, Steffen has been Managing Partner in the consulting company, and before that he was, among other things, management consultant at The Technological Institute/Industrial management. Today, Steffen is also connected to Steno Diabetes Centre as an educational consultant where he, in close cooperation with Steno Education Centre, conducts international courses within diabetes treatment. In that connection, Steffen has been keynote speaker at conferences in India and Mexico among other places.

Why Summit Consulting?

"Because my encounter with Summit in 2014 was characterised by a bubbling dialogue, mutual curiosity and creative idea development. That made me want to take the plunge! Furthermore, me choosing Summit reflects a mutual ambition for being a strong player within organisational development and leadership that stimulate the development of strong companies that incorporate efficiency as well as human well-being and development. Finally, in Summit I have found a great professional seriousness and at the same time a straightforward, pragmatic approach to customers, assignments and cooperation. A cocktail that creates the best setting for development and learning – both for the customers and ourselves."